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Here we are sharing our news and providing infformation about garage doors.


We are basing the blog on our daily experiences and some of the problems and difficulties we encounter and hopefully solve!


Also, we aim to blend our stories with what's happening locally to bring a sense of community to our site.


We believe in providing a great service to our customers and always aim to go the extra mile, taking the time to listen to our customers and provide the best and cheapest solutions for their particular needs.


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By Andrea Thomson Doortechnique Garage Doors Bournemo, Feb 26 2014 10:57AM

Well it’s official! 2013 was the wettest winter on record since 1969 according to the UK Met office, leaving two people dead and thousands flooded or without power.

We’ve witnessed the worst tidal surges for 60 years, hitting the east and west coasts of England particularly Wales - resulting in 60 severe flood warnings issued by The Environment Agency.

Communities as far apart as Scotland and Essex are affected by flooding and there are major disruption to Train services across the country.

London benefitted from the protection of The Thames Barrier, closing for the seventeenth time since it was built without which our capital would today be underwater.

Despite continued discussions the yet unsolved dilemma of the cause of our climate change remains a mystery. Are we living lives that fuel greenhouse gases or is our planet enduring a phase of cyclical change?

The Warsaw climate change Conference in 2013 gathered together key heads of state to discuss the impact upon the world of our changing climate. Too little too late perhaps?

Locally we’ve witnessed the weather showing it’s invincible might, we are powerless within our communities to do anything except adapt, to live with this major upheaval in our lives.

According to the New Scientist (22/2/14) abandon or adapt are the key words for managing our future. “Make room for the Water.” To those of us affected by the flooding, this is a chilling prospect both emotionally and financially.

Doortechnique as a small local business in Dorset and we operate with transparency as we trade. Give your support to the campaign to bring climate discussions OUT into the public domain where the important issues of community and business are discussed and supported at local levels.

Is it time we took the impact of our changing climate more seriously at the small micro level perhaps building a new initiative called “community climate watch” to operate in the same way as “neighbourhood watch,” where we have the funds and local council support in the event of emergencies.

We operate a Garage Door Emergency Service and have witnessed the storms and tidal surges first hand this year – please call Mark if we can help or support any problems you may be experiencing with your garage door.

However, on the bright side, we may well experience another long spell of hot summer weather too!

If you’re tired of getting wet why not automate your garage door, at the press of a button unload your car in the comfort and cover of your garage – especially if it’s integral! Call Mark Andrews today for your garage door automation survey and no obligation quotation on 01202 877223 or 07801 398101.

By Andrea Thomson Doortechnique Garage Doors Bournemo, Feb 17 2014 02:53PM

You may have heard today’s announcement by Moonfruit that the long awaited blogging software has been added to their flagship site builder, at last ready for the Hummingburd update we are all ready to blog away!

According to Moonfruit, Blogging has been used as a global platform for announcements for some time now by making the internet a direct news channel to hear “real” news. Not only has blogging become a natural way to express and announce how you feel and and what’s going on in your life, the content has revolutionised sharing information across the net.

Moonfruit famed for it’s easy design features hasn’t disappointed us with the blog function which is easy to use bringing images and news into our virtual world with click, drag and edit features.

Doortechnique Garage Doors are dedicated to compile quality information and real tips to help you save money and make the most of your garage door system. We aim to utilise this hot new blogging tool to improve our information exchange with our valuable customers to inform and enable them to make sure their door has longevity.

We have produced a section on our website with free tips about how to best secure your garage door and protect your valuables – to catch up with our 7 tips to securing your garage please click here >>

Who are Doortechnique Garage Doors and How do we Work?

Founded by Mark Andrews who’s been in the industry since 1983, we are a family business based in Ferndown committed to travelling throughout Dorset and Hampshire with no extra costs.

We understand the impact of our economy and offer unique fixed fee repair services and a price match promise on like for like quotes.

Travelling within a 70 mile radius of our home town Bournemouth, Mark continues to install, service and repair garage doors throughout Dorset and Hampshire.

Supporting our community with a great service at unbeatable value is key to our continued success as verified by our growing customer base

Mark is working hard in Dorset fixing and installing doors but together with the family team, we continue to brainstorm and provide you with useful information to make sure not only is your garage working but most importantly it’s secure.

We hope the security information has helped you to identify any weakness’s in your garage door and please call Mark if you would like a FREE Garage Door Security Survey direct on 07801 398 101

Bookmark this blog – catch up with us on facebook and watch out! We’re no ordinary Garage Door Company!

By guest, Feb 17 2014 11:44AM

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